Observations on Global Post Production Consolidation


We recently worked on in interesting project for a very large global advertiser. The assignment was to review and advise on global options for post production consolidation.

The first step was to understand how our client’s global brand teams are currently working. Do they all create their own advertising? Do any of them adapt other market’s work? Who, specifically, is producing the work and how? To answer these questions a questionnaire was created for the regional brand teams. From those answers we were able to understand each regional team’s preferences and processes with their post production partners.

Interestingly, this brought into sharp relief the unique way we work here in the US. Few other countries separate post production supervision from production the way we often do. Most prefer to have their directors in charge throughout post production.

The question of which companies could provide consolidated post production globally gave us an interesting snapshot into the evolution of the agency holding company production groups and the multi-national, post production facility players.

Having been both an agency producer and a post production facility owner I found myself oddly on the fence at many points, on which type we should be recommending.

The agency self-interest argument for managing the work seems convincing, but many of the facility players have a strong offering.

We were asked to tee up the options, which we did. I will be interested to see whether the global agency production groups or the global facility groups win.