• Advertising Production Consulting
  • Financial Audits and Cost Management
  • Production Audits
  • Production Process Analysis
  • Production and Process Guidelines
  • Post-production Versioning and Transcreation Management
  • Brand Team Training
  • Production Sourcing Initiatives
  • Production Decoupling Services
  • Agency Production Invoice Management

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Advertising Production Management

From creative brief to pre-production planning and bidding through shooting and post-production, we work with brand teams and their agencies to strengthen their production process, collect data, evaluate costs, manage expectations and leverage creative assets.

Once creative is approved, our involvement generally includes:

  • Prepping pre-bid meetings to clarify the recommended approach, scope, budget and bid specifications
  • Identifying potential cost-saving opportunities
  • Bid evaluations / Agency estimate review / Negotiation
  • Attending pre-production meetings to support the Brand and ensure client expectations are met
  • Attending shoots (when requested) to support the Brand and ensure client expectations are met
  • Analyzing and negotiating overages
  • Monitoring editorial progress
  • Oversight of trafficking and distribution
  • Oversight of Versioning and Transcreation

Throughout the production process we will recommend changes to Best Practices, as appropriate. We stay involved throughout the production process, managing expectations, uncovering efficiencies, improving processes and helping clients obtain the best value for their budget.

Sourcing Initiatives

We augment the expertise of strategic sourcing and procurement groups with process audits, vendor souring initiatives, RFIs/RFPs, rate card negotiations and preferred supplier negotiations.

Production / Decoupling Services

We are experienced producers, project managers and production managers. We help with all advertising production needs.